Why now?


Spiritual guidance this year tells us that the timing of this event is crucial.

Here are some extracts from 2005 – others are given on our Ecology page:


8th February 2005:

“We need to work together - ourselves and many others. 

We will ask at some point in your earthly time that a group comes together with the sole purpose of sending healing to our planet.  This group will be large, but the time is not yet right.   We need to build energy in smaller groups to raise awareness with others for the time when we will come together and work as one. 

We need to build strength in those we use; we must be strong to portray the energy that we will send when we link in with you. 

For now we will come and sit with you, we will work with you, if you will allow us.  And with you and through you, we will work with others; building, building, building columns of energy.  When the time is right and the columns of energy are strong, we will join forces and link together.  The timing will be crucial, and it is for this purpose we are together now. 

We have said the world is in great need – you know this to be true.  Be guided by what is in your heart – you will not fail.  This is the chosen path of many: some already walk this path with awareness – others are on this path but are unaware – and yet more others will join. 

We have faith in humankind.

Let us focus now on the planet.  As we focus, remember with your thoughts all those who work with you; all those who have shared their energy, all those with whom you have worked, not just in this country.  And as we link our thoughts to those people, let us join now and send healing energy to the planet Earth.

As we use the thoughts to link with others, even though they may not be aware, their energy will be used for the good and for the positive – no harm can be done, you are protected.

We ask that you hold this thought daily in your earthly time, and daily join in thought with others to send healing to the planet Earth.  With your permission, we will join you, both individually and in groups. 

Our task is to raise the awareness of those with whom we sit in order to build the energy to send at the crucial time. 

We work together for mankind. The planet has its own karma – a word with which you are familiar.  With our energy, that karma can be altered.


15th February 2005:

“We gather energy, we gather strength. The world waits.

We ask that you focus on a golden ring around the planet and send healing, and that you ask others to do the same. This will be the beginning of the columns of energy of which we spoke. This is the starting point of the vast amounts of energy that we will send. 

We will give you pictures, for some find pictures far easier to focus, and for those who cannot see, some will be able to imagine, and for those who cannot see and cannot imagine, they must rest assured that healing has taken place. 

Continue to send energy to the oceans for they are of great, great importance – far more than you can imagine.

We grow in numbers and in strength.

Begin in preparation now and you will be well prepared.

This is not a test – this is not what you would term a dry run: this is for the benefit of all mankind on the planet that you call Earth.

We leave you with this thought: have faith in all you do, for your thoughts, your work, your actions, all have an effect.”


8th March 2005:

We have much to say which is of great importance. 

The hourglass has been turned; our work is now beginning.

The columns of energy of which we speak grow stronger every day.

You are right to begin in preparation.  Much work needs to be done. 

We too have our part to play but cannot do so without you, and others.  You will be guided.

The seas, the oceans, have great pollution – of this you know.  Mankind needs to turn its attention towards the planet’s seas and oceans and this will be a main focus for the large group meeting that will be held.  People may feel that this is because of the recent disaster (Asian tsunami) but that is not so: much more goes on than can be imagined. The seabeds, global warming, pollution, and many other things affect the oceans in a way that man has absolutely no idea of.  We have an awareness of it all but cannot help directly: the effort must be joint.  The sea is very powerful and this power can be harnessed for the good of mankind - but man has yet to explore this avenue.

Your scientists know that there is a connection between the moon and the tides, but the moon and the earth are part of the universe - the connection goes far beyond.  We are all interdependent on each other, mankind and all living things: we are a small part of the whole.

As we build upon the energy that we send, a greater picture will emerge.  Information will be given to you to use on the healing of the planet, and many others will join you.  Direct guidance will be given: you will know what to do. 

Scientists focus on atoms, they see these as energy, but it is the energy that is unseen that has the most power.  We connect with this power, as do you, and we join together to use it for the good of mankind.  One may wonder why we need to do so, but not to do so creates an uncertain future. 

Your belief that the Earth is a planet for experience is not incorrect. We experience on other levels also – and in other dimensions.  The earth is not the only planet of experience – but it is the only planet for the human experience.”


Information and guidance continued to be given over the months and it transpired that there was to be an initial meeting at the end of summer.  Apart from the healing work itself, this would facilitate energy changes in some of those present and provide experience for the main meeting that would take place on the 11th December.

This first meeting was held on the 4th September  - see report.


Guidance regarding the main meeting was clear: it would be huge, the date had to be Sunday 11th December, it has to be an international event and easily accessible to all.


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