The High Street of Life

Many of you walk the High Street of Life. On each side of you, you see the big shops and stores brightly lit in the grey of your lives: the shops of temptation, the shops of materialism, the main store of greed; they are important in your lives, you are envious of those that walk into those stores to fill their arms with the material things of life. But we say to you, walk past these shops, look not to right or left, look instead for the little street on the side where the sun is breaking through the grey and against the wall the name of this street shines, 'Love and Awareness'.

Turn into that little side street and as you do so, be not foiled by the large churches that appear to block its entrances, but walk on, and leading off from there you will see the little bookshop with just simply 'Love' written across the top. You will have to bend to enter and the doorway will be old for it has been there since man was conceived. But open the door and walk in, and there on the wall will be our teachings, there in quietness of meditation on your own you can consider the words.

Then when you return to the main street, the sun will follow you and you will walk down the middle of that street lit by the sun's rays of Universal Love. And from the grey surrounding you others will wish to join that light for it will shine brighter than the fluorescent lights of the shops around.

There will always be those who will try to stop you for they cannot see the relevance of the little side street you walked to acquire that knowledge. Meet their arguments with love and compassion and understanding.