Important words on the Environment


The Teachings of Zed

1988 – 1991



“What you do to the planet today will determine

what the planet will do to you tomorrow.”


For haven't we always said that the Universe is alive? And so is the planet you stand on.  If man saw it with its true vitality, if man saw it as a vessel of enormous Love, would he abuse it so, treating it as an obsolete, inert object? 

This earth is ALIVE, we tell you; it pulsates with the energy of the Universe. 



November 1988

The urgent Message for the world is on ecology. The dispersal of the ozone layers, the evaporation of the rain forests and the consequences of the so called ‘greenhouse effect’  are the greatest dangers the world has ever faced.

Within a decade, if it is not stopped, vast areas of the planet will be dry. You are already seeing reduced grain harvests as a consequence of the higher rise in temperatures. This situation will get worse. The effect will be a shortage of grain on a world basis. The richer countries can survive due to their purchasing power but the third world countries will be unable to do this. The consequences will be disastrous.

Urge the world to do something about it.  Forces of the Universe are concerned at the developments. Heed the warning.

The importance of the time period cannot be over-emphasised. The politicians talk in terms of decades of safety before anything will happen but 10 years is the most you have. 

The Golden Age cannot dawn unless the warning is heeded.


March 1989

As we said a few weeks ago, a conference would be called and as you are aware, this is happening this weekend. Do not expect great things from this one, but it is a start in the right direction. You have helped directly to contribute to this by all your efforts.

Be aware that as you create thoughts of harmony and love, thoughts of protection for the environment, other individuals and groups have thoughts of the reverse, motivated by selfish interest, interests of profit and they seek to undo the good that you do. Be aware of that. Be aware also that politicians frequently say things and do not mean them. But with eminently important people like the Royal Family becoming involved in England in the environmental question, public opinion is on the change. The determination of the leadership to do something about this will be decided by public opinion.

Carry on the good work. Watch the conference with interest - important points will arise, but remember it is your efforts that will determine the outcome - not ours. We are only there to help. The direction that the Planet takes and that you take collectively of the Planet’s destiny is in your hands, not ours. Do you understand?  For to be any other way would be wrong because then there would be no purpose in your being here at all.


July 1989

You have a beautiful planet, one of the most beautiful in the Universe, yet you seek to destroy it. You justify this through ‘necessity’ - so sad.

General awareness seems to be growing but it needs concerted action.

I mentioned to you some weeks ago about the sea’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Do not assume that this alone will solve the problem. Your scientists are becoming aware of the sea and the life forms within it and soon they will tell you that large quantities of carbon dioxide can be absorbed through the sea, but I repeat - it will not be sufficient to overcome the consequences of the ‘greenhouse effect’.


February 1990

We have talked of the individual and need for meditation and we have talked of the need to help the human race be more aware of what they do to the planet. By making them more aware of their spiritual pathway they become more aware of the destruction of the planet. The two are not opposed but complementary, for what spiritually aware person could possibly hurt this beautiful planet and all the creatures that live on it?

The process of learning is speeding up and man is becoming more aware. The time period however, is short, and always remember the choice is yours. There will be no divine intervention to stop you ruining this beautiful planet as many would have you believe. Only by your increased awareness can it be stopped, for if divine intervention was the answer, then there would be no point in you being here.

Always there is choice.


June 1990

The time will come in the future, as a consequence of man's greed, that economic crisis and a world-wide shortage of food will force man to look at the pathway he is walking.  Because of the involvement and the motivation of religious and holy men throughout the world they will bring little comfort to the population in crisis.  Your writings will be the key to their awareness.  But they will have the choice to accept or reject.  We cannot force people to publish your work, Jane, or believe it, but when the hungry man looks for food and sees the loaf of bread on the table, then he reaches for it.  So it will be  spiritually with our teachings. 

We do not create the hunger, the greed, the selfishness, the wilful destruction of this beautiful planet;  we do not let millions of you starve while others grow fat;  we do not cut down your trees and burn your forests;  we do not make you kill each other for gain.  If many of your religious leaders say that this is OUR justice on man, then they abrogate by so doing, their own responsibility for not making man aware of what they do to each other.

Never in your history on this planet have you been so capable of destroying your own environment and that of all those who share the planet with you, and yet still you have choice.  And as we raise through your endeavours, the conscience of the world to what everybody does, still the motivation is greed. 

Mankind has never had an opportunity like he has now where the resources of the world could be harnessed for the benefit of everyone regardless of religion or colour.

Now is the time for man to do something before it is too late, for wouldn't it be a shame if we had to find somewhere else in the Universe to experience life because none existed on this planet? 

The sad thing is that man can clearly see the precipice of his own making and with eyes wide open he walks towards the edge.  Many argue that God would not allow such a situation to occur, but God has given you choice - how else are you going to learn?  But it seems sad you should seek to destroy a planet in pursuance of choice. 

There is nothing new in what we have said, nothing that is not apparent to all sane thinkers, but perhaps among some of you, the fact we have said it makes it a little more pertinent in your ears.  We hope so.  For those of you on the Earthplane and us at all levels of awareness, part of your responsibility is to think of us as well - and that is something you seldom do, for all we can do is help give you choice, but it is you that choose.


February 1991

Let us look at the reality of group karma:

We have told you that this planet is alive, it pulsates with energy. We have told you of the karmic lattice. We have told you that the lattice is particular to this planet of experience.

You can see therefore that it must be linked to the energy of the planet.  The karmic range of each planet of experience is based against all living things upon the planet. So the anger and hatred you generate creates its impression on the karmic lattice as a whole.  So we say to you, group karma is the interaction between the karmic lattice and the planet of experience.

See now what you have known all through, which the intellectuals amongst you have missed, that what you do to the planet today will determine what the planet will do to you tomorrow.

So group karma is expressed in the interaction of species and the environment as a whole. This is the reason why, when you destroy a species, you create an imbalance within the planet itself which is reflected in the way other species are then treated.

By the end of this decade a million species will have been wiped from the face of the planet. Such is the karma you create for yourselves. For even the tiniest insect is important to the balance of life and to the interaction between the karmic lattice and the planet.

Now you see the wisdom of what we told you many months ago, of the environmental problems that will face man. Now you understand the reasons why.

Through thought you can influence others in the way they treat the world, and through their actions then you can create good group karma for reincarnations to come.

Now I hope you see and understand the delicate balance of life and how your love of the planet is so important.

Intuitively, most beings of experience on this planet, even those of a low level, have the awareness to know this is true.  But they allow their minds, for short-term material gain,  to override the wisdom from within. Such is the nature of choice. We abuse the planet for the short-term gains of our material bodies to satisfy the emotional needs within us, and by so doing create our problems for the future.

If we return to the foundation of love and give it unconditionally to everything we see, we hold back the cancer of greed that is growing within the karmic lattice as a consequence of our previous actions and we set about rectifying the imbalance.




For the child  must now grow up and learn the responsibility of an adult -

an adult of the Universe.




© Jane Tinworth


Produced for the World Awareness Trust Earth Awareness Day 11th December 2005.