Once again we are guided that


11th December 2006


is the exact date to focus thoughts from around the world to


Heal the Earth


Link with us between 7.30 & 8.30 pm (local time)

or whenever you can on that day,

whether sitting alone or in a group.

Relax and visualise the Earth, open your heart and send her love, healing, colour or sound.  Know that you are also anchoring the universal energy of love from those in spirit, who cannot fully participate without you.


Let this be our Christmas present to the planet:

that we unite on this day to send thoughts of healing

and to acknowledge our responsibility

for the damage already done.

Let our New Year’s resolution be a willingness to change

to meet the urgent needs of the Earth, mankind

and all living things.


‘The thought of love is simple

but the energy it carries is profound.’


Attune your healing thoughts with us at this time on the 2nd Monday of every month, before and after this event, and share your experiences through this website.