Report on
International Earth Awareness Day

held on 11th December 2005


We were guided to arrange two public events for the planet; the first to be held in the summer and local to our established group in S. W. England and at a venue that was eventually shown to us.
The second - and main - event was to be international, more accessible to others and on the precise date of 11 th December.

Thanks to a generous donation from a supporter in New Zealand, the Trust has been able to fund both these events. While the first event focused on a gathering of some 250-300 people in South West England, the second event was international in nature, and was publicised by mailing (and emailing) interested parties and through the Trust's website. Both events were inspired by the work of spiritual healer Jane Tinworth, who led the first meeting in Torquay and a smaller meeting in Teignmouth (South West England) on the occasion of the second, international event. These meetings were the culmination of several years' work by Jane and others, aimed at raising the spiritual awareness of mankind and mankind's relationship with the planet Earth.

Those joining us for the Earth Awareness Event were asked to gather and meditate in local groups around the world on 11th December 2005, ideally at about 3 p.m. local time.

Contacts were made in at least 16 countries around the world for this important event. These were in:

  New Zealand
Sri Lanka
South Africa

Czech Republic
United States – from Washington to California
And the UK
– especially groups in Somerset, Devon, London, Edinburgh and Cardiff

The organisers would like to acknowledge and thank every individual and group that took part.

Here is some of the feedback we have received about this event since:

From participants in the Teignmouth gathering:

“At the start I felt quite emotional and all through Jane's introduction I could see a huge column of energy with her at the centre. It was approximately 15 foot wide and was 'alive'- it was colourless but visible, and had occasional ripples of silver at the outer edges. VERY vibrant.
"As our energies started to merge together I could feel and see rushing energy whooshing all around us like a fast breeze, joining us all together. I was aware that we were links with many other like-minded people at that time, and a circle of beings and people emerged around the column. We were a very small part of it, and it seemed almost infinite. There was an inner circle of beings around the column. These beings were pure white, and gave off light from their bodies.
"The main colours that I experienced were silvery, white and blue, and, as Jane said that the Earth was ready to accept the healing, it immediately changed to a very deep dark blue, and became lighter as the healing was accepted. At one point an image of Christ was projected onto the healing energy from above.
"The feeling that I had of the healing was very strong, very focused, very much down-to-business. It felt as if we had done our work; done what we had intended, and even though at Teignmouth we were thin on the ground physically, we were strong and mighty spiritually."

" As we were coming towards the end of the meditation I was so, so conscious of the Christ energy and the love that he had for the planet. It was just so overwhelming. It was almost like tears: there were flower petals: roses and violets, fluttering down onto the Earth, and it was just spirit – absolutely lovely."

Contribution from the above contributor's immediate neighbour:

"Yes. The flower petals actually were something that I also saw. Rose petals coming down like confetti . Absolutely beautiful."

Here is the main part of a report made immediately after the event by a colleague who tuned in from her home in Spain:

[After a morning spent in preparation]
“I lay down for half an hour and then did some yoga, had a shower and prepared my room by lighting candles in a triangle with the orange and leaves (picked earlier). I sat and said a little prayer of welcome and almost immediately with such force came the male energy with a very strong, extremely loud and clear call.
" Then l would say for maybe 25 minutes it went back and forwards between this and the female crystal voice. Her voice was like driving rods of energy light into the earth while his was grounding and spreading that energy. Then l changed position and took to sitting on my knees and whole energy changed to a much stronger quieter energy.
" My breathing became timeless and l became aware of the circle of Beings who are always there. All of us were focussing our breath to the centre. Then l became aware of hundreds and hundreds of Beings - a huge gathering, all breathing and sending breath to the centre in which the world came into focus. Small: the land, dark blue and the sea a luminous blue. As the focus continued it seemed as though the earth slowed. Everyone was working with the breath and I thought ‘l don't know what will happen next'.
" Then l became aware of an amazing sound, tinkling and shimmering and heard it descend on the earth like a curtain. This intensified and was beautiful.
" Then suddenly I had the impression of the crust of the earth - black and with massive force, as from inside rods of light burst forth with laser force, puncturing it all over. I cant explain how magnificent this felt (one of most extraordinary feelings in my life). Then alarmingly the whole crust imploded on itself and burst into fire. l was very confused and alarmed at what l was seeing. Then a huge, radiating light emerged and it felt as if the earth was being reborn: that the old accumulated dirt, hurt etc had been broken away.
" l felt massive concern for this new earth. Then these words come into my awareness: ‘This is just the beginning of all your work, for now the keepers of the earth have to work - have to work to protect the earth - to teach people how to love and care for it. To raise the awareness of love.'
" The energy of love was beautiful. l sat in it for a while and opened my eyes about 3.45 your time.
" I feel this is truly just the beginning. Everything has changed. l know l have changed.”

From another participant in Devon:

"My daughter drove up to a stone circle on Dartmoor to do her meditation for the planet but I was at home on my own. I sat at 3 o'clock and visualised the world attached to the clouds by a cord and spinning on its axis. I concentrated on that picture and asked if I could link with Jane and the others. Then I saw shafts of light coming from the sky and then the heads of many people and they were whispering. I have seen faces coming in close before during healing but never heard them say anything - before or since. It was difficult to hear what they were saying at first but I concentrated hard on the whispering and found they were reassuring me, telling me not to worry, it would be all right, the Earth would not be destroyed, because it's true that I had been worried. It was beautiful - the sky was blue and it was sunny and the Earth was so beautiful. Afterwards, I was amazed to find that I had been sitting for an hour - and I know I hadn't been asleep."

[These contributions reflect personal experiences,
and do not necessarily correspond to teachings of the World Awareness Trust.]

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