Report on the Planet Healing Event

held on 4th September 2005

at the Riviera International Conference Centre, Torquay, Devon, UK.


We were guided to arrange two public events for the planet; the first to be held in the summer and local to our established group in S. W. England and at a venue that was eventually shown to us.

The second - and main - event is to be international, more accessible to others and on the precise date of 11th December.


Thanks to a generous donation from a supporter in New Zealand, the Trust was able to hire the venue, and the local group then undertook the considerable task of publicising the event. An estimated 250-300 people attended the afternoon meeting, which was hosted by spiritual healer Jane Tinworth.

With words on the living planet based on spiritual teachings, and with sound and silence, the meeting culminated in the guided healing meditation for the Earth. Although this meditation lasted only some 30 minutes or so, we are told the effect generated was greater than our minds can imagine. Some of the feedback is printed below and it is important to note the initial experiences of pain and darkness before the energy of love began to be accepted by the Earth.


Here are some of the comments made immediately afterwards by participants:


“I found that so powerful – I felt the hurt from the Earth was very great – greater than I’d imagined it would be. It’s just so good to be with everyone here.”

“I saw a beautiful picture of the universe and we were all putting into it surrounded by beautiful spiritual light, warmth and love, and I know this is helping greatly, and if we continue I know we are going to win.”

“I am very pleased to be here. I had a very negative image with an awful lot of darkness to start with - but we got there, and it was surrounded by a beautiful white light.”

“As we were surrounding the Earth with colours we were joined by many in spirit, including Jesus.”

“It was a very, very profound experience. The energy was like a tight band around my head … then I remembered the Buddhist position and channelled the energy into the earth - that’s what I felt I must do, and then the headache lifted.”

“I felt held by the energy, it felt so amazingly strong  - and the colours were so deep and vibrant. It was fantastic and just so wonderful to be part of this, of everyone coming together.”

“For me, I felt the Earth was right inside my head and was thinking of her as our mother but also it was symbiotic – that we are also mothering her.”

“In the meditation I had a very strong vision of the Earth over the rose quartz crystal and I felt that it grew to about 12ft in size and I felt the heat of the Earth around me. I felt that all the energy from the group was absorbed into this vision and at the end it had many colours around it.”

“It was very powerful. I had a very clear picture of Africa.”

“I saw the Earth surrounded with gold, blue and violet and her heart opened - eventually - and she let in all the energy we were sending her and she pulsated with white light. It was lovely to see and so important.”


Several others, who did not speak at the meeting, later reported seeing a huge column of white energy and the figure of Jesus.

However, very powerful experiences were also happening simultaneously in other locations to friends unable to be physically at the meeting – another indication of the connecting power of thought.

[These contributions reflect personal experiences,
and do not necessarily correspond to teachings of the World Awareness Trust.]

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